Guide to Playing an Escape Room Game

Escape room games are a fun way to escape reality and have fun together. You might be curious about how to play if you’ve never tried one. Here are some tips for first-time players from co-owner Steve:

Explore Everything

Most of the room is decorative, but some features are part of puzzles. Don’t be afraid to open drawers and look behind things.

book and key from airship legacy
escape room players looking in bucket


Every time you discover something, announce it to your teammates. They may have seen something connected on the other side of the room.

Take Stock

Once in a while, pause as a group to review what puzzles you’ve solved and what information you have. You might be steps away from your next solution!

detective clues

Spread Out and Switch Tasks

You’ll be able to solve many puzzles at one time, so split your efforts. If you get stuck on a task, switch places with another player to get fresh perspectives.

Ask for Hints

You can ask for help whenever you’d like. Your gamemaster is watching and will give you the perfect hint to move you toward victory.

Unlock Your Weekend

Your immersive adventure is waiting at Conundrum Escapes. All you need are two people and teamwork! Have more questions? Check out our FAQ.