Games Have Characters

Lesson objectives Introduce leadership roles Discuss characteristics of a good leader Understand the role of characters in games Think about how both how we appear and what’s inside us influences how others see us Socioemotional learning objectives Responsible Planful Cooperative Leadership role poster Leadership badges Blank sheets of paper with a playful trait on the … Read more

Escape Room Camp Overview

Engineering design objectives Cooperative Works well with others Understands their role in a group Competently performs their role Can compromise and be assertive when necessary Gives and takes feedback well Creative Can tell their own story Is comfortable expressing their experiences, knowledge, and skills Planful Makes and follows a plan Follow the rules Makes changes … Read more

Games Have 5 Elements

Lesson objectives Feel welcomed to camp Understand the camp experience Identify as a game designer Establish camp rules Understand levels and achievements Define a game Define the 5 elements of games Engineering design objectives Define the criteria and constraints of the escape game design problem Socioemotional learning objectives Welcoming Planful Cooperative Responsible Creative Camp and … Read more