We are Gamers

Lesson objectives Appreciate similarities to other campers Express one’s unique talents Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Welcoming Creative Worksheet Paper rolls Scrap paper Stickers Gather campers together and note that playful gamers are cooperative: a good team is valuable in many circumstances Team members need to have some similarities and some differences. We are welcoming of … Read more

I am a Gamer

Lesson objectives Identify as a gamer Share favorite games and characters Express one’s gamer identity in a creative way Socioemotional learning objectives Welcoming Creative Worksheet Gamer identity Gather campers and ask if they identify as a gamer, and why or why not Tell them that as playful gamers, we are welcoming: we know that anyone … Read more

Games Have 5 Elements

Lesson objectives Feel welcomed to camp Understand the camp experience Identify as a game designer Establish camp rules Understand levels and achievements Define a game Define the 5 elements of games Engineering design objectives Define the criteria and constraints of the escape game design problem Socioemotional learning objectives Welcoming Planful Cooperative Responsible Creative Camp and … Read more