We are Gamers

Lesson objectives Appreciate similarities to other campers Express one’s unique talents Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Welcoming Creative Worksheet Paper rolls Scrap paper Stickers Gather campers together and note that playful gamers are cooperative: a good team is valuable in many circumstances Team members need to have some similarities and some differences. We are welcoming of … Read more

Teams Play Games

Lesson objectives Understand the need for teamwork in gaming Think about strategies to be a good teammate Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Planful Responsible Worksheet Internet-connected device Gather campers together and remind them that playful gamers are cooperative What are some challenges of working on a team? Is it harder when you’re playing a game on … Read more

Games Create Emotions

Lesson objectives Identify emotions while playing games To understand the importance of emotions in games and how they contribute to the overall experience To introduce strategies for managing strong emotions during gameplay Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Responsible Planful Welcoming Worksheet Gather campers, trying to split groups from the main lesson Cooperation debrief As cooperative gamers, … Read more

Games Have Mechanics

Lesson objectives Distinguish between types of mechanics Understand escape game puzzle mechanics Think about how mechanics facilitate fun and interest Engineering design learning objective Evaluate competing design solutions Socioemotional learning objectives Planful Responsible Cooperative Blank paper with the name of each mechanic at the top Movement (running, crawling, flying) Turn-taking Crafting Card drawing Time limit … Read more

Games Have Puzzles

Lesson objectives Understand the types of escape room puzzles Describe basic principles for escape room puzzles Practice building puzzles Socioemotional learning objectives Planful Creative Worksheet (5 pages) Scissors Fasteners Example puzzle boxes Review that escape games are made of puzzles, and that puzzles have pieces that reveal new information when assembled Because we are planful … Read more

Games Use Different Skills

Lesson objectives Identify different types of skills Think about how to stay safe when gaming Socioemotional learning objectives Think logically Compare and contrast Understand one’s interests and values Develop self-efficacy Instructions and shield template Strips of paper Glue or tape This is a self-guided activity, so leave campers with the shield template and the instructions … Read more

Teams Make Games

Lesson objectives Understand the definition of a puzzle Remember strategies to work effectively with others Understand different roles in game design Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Responsible Welcoming Giant puzzle, with 1-2 pieces per player and large enough for campers to move around and place pieces Option: Use a blown-up coloring sheet so campers can color … Read more

Games Have Resources

Lesson objectives Define an escape game Describe what makes escape games fun Understand the definition of a puzzle Describe what makes a good puzzle Understand iterative development· Engineering design objective Define the criteria and constraints of a design problem Socioemotional learning objectives Planful Creative Example escape games Giant sticky note Materials for game boxes Large … Read more

Games Tell Stories

Lesson objectives Consider the importance of stories in games Practice telling a story Socioemotional learning objectives Creative Planful Worksheet (2 pages) What is your favorite story in a game? Many games have stories that determine your path to your objective. Stories in games help us learn about the world of the game and experience emotions … Read more

I am a Gamer

Lesson objectives Identify as a gamer Share favorite games and characters Express one’s gamer identity in a creative way Socioemotional learning objectives Welcoming Creative Worksheet Gamer identity Gather campers and ask if they identify as a gamer, and why or why not Tell them that as playful gamers, we are welcoming: we know that anyone … Read more