I am a Gamer

Learning Objectives

  • Lesson objectives
    • Identify as a gamer
    • Share favorite games and characters
    • Express one's gamer identity in a creative way
  • Socioemotional learning objectives
    • Welcoming
    • Creative



  • Gamer identity
    • Gather campers and ask if they identify as a gamer, and why or why not
    • Tell them that as playful gamers, we are welcoming: we know that anyone who plays games can be a gamer
  • Poem
    • We also know that playful gamers are creative, so in this activity they'll have the opportunity to write a poem about being a gamer
    • Walk campers through the poem worksheet
    • Encourage them to share
    • Reiterate that anyone who plays games is a gamer

Notes and Discussion


  • Throughout camp, emphasize that everyone who plays games is a gamer. Even if someone says that certain games are for boys or girls or only certain people, you can play any game you want to.