Characters Have Traits

Lesson objectives Understand how characters have traits, skills, and objectives Think about one’s own traits, skills, and objectives Make a plan to improve a skill Socioemotional learning objectives Responsible Planful Worksheet (2 pages) Empty toilet paper rolls Craft paper or construction paper Scissors Glue or double-sided tape Googly eyes Decorative materials (e.g., pipe cleaners, feathers, … Read more

Games Win Awards

Lesson objectives Think about how games are evaluated To provide campers with an opportunity to express their appreciation for their favorite games Socioemotional learning objectives Understand one’s interests and values Giant sticky note Craft supplies Worksheet (2 pages) Preparation On the sticky note, write Award Poster on the top Ask campers to write the names … Read more

Games are Crafted

Lesson objectives Appreciate the role of design and crafting in games Socioemotional learning objectives Understand one’s interests and values Worksheet Campers’ games Craft supplies This is a self-guided activity. Leave campers with the worksheet, which guides them through thinking about the story in their games.

Games Have Rules

Lesson objectives Understand the need for rules in games Develop strategies for responding to rule violations Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Creative Responsible Planful Worksheet Headband template Craft supplies Written and unwritten rules When playing games, there are usually written rules that we have to follow. Other rules are unwritten, which means you as players agree … Read more

We are Gamers

Lesson objectives Appreciate similarities to other campers Express one’s unique talents Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Welcoming Creative Worksheet Paper rolls Scrap paper Stickers Gather campers together and note that playful gamers are cooperative: a good team is valuable in many circumstances Team members need to have some similarities and some differences. We are welcoming of … Read more

Games Use Different Skills

Lesson objectives Identify different types of skills Think about how to stay safe when gaming Socioemotional learning objectives Think logically Compare and contrast Understand one’s interests and values Develop self-efficacy Instructions and shield template Strips of paper Glue or tape This is a self-guided activity, so leave campers with the shield template and the instructions … Read more