Girls Make Games, Too

Lesson objectives Understand women’s roles in game development and impact on the gaming community Socioemotional learning objectives Show respect for differences and value commonalities Communicate effectively Worksheet Internet-connected device This is a self-guided activity. Leave campers with the worksheet, which asks them to research a game designer. Discussion Note to campers that women have been … Read more

Games Use Chance and Strategy

Lesson objectives Understand different game mechanics Distinguish between chance and strategy Discuss how chance and strategy influence how fun a game is Socioemotional learning objectives Planful Creative Welcoming Giant sticky note Planes, Trains, and Candymobiles game Board game templates Chance Gather campers together and remind them about the definition of games. Note that all games … Read more

Teams Play Games

Lesson objectives Understand the need for teamwork in gaming Think about strategies to be a good teammate Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Planful Responsible Worksheet Internet-connected device Gather campers together and remind them that playful gamers are cooperative What are some challenges of working on a team? Is it harder when you’re playing a game on … Read more

Games Tell Stories

Lesson objectives Consider the importance of stories in games Practice telling a story Socioemotional learning objectives Creative Planful Worksheet (2 pages) What is your favorite story in a game? Many games have stories that determine your path to your objective. Stories in games help us learn about the world of the game and experience emotions … Read more

I am a Gamer

Lesson objectives Identify as a gamer Share favorite games and characters Express one’s gamer identity in a creative way Socioemotional learning objectives Welcoming Creative Worksheet Gamer identity Gather campers and ask if they identify as a gamer, and why or why not Tell them that as playful gamers, we are welcoming: we know that anyone … Read more