Games Have Rules

Lesson objectives Understand the need for rules in games Develop strategies for responding to rule violations Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Creative Responsible Planful Worksheet Headband template Craft supplies Written and unwritten rules When playing games, there are usually written rules that we have to follow. Other rules are unwritten, which means you as players agree … Read more

Games Use Chance and Strategy

Lesson objectives Understand different game mechanics Distinguish between chance and strategy Discuss how chance and strategy influence how fun a game is Socioemotional learning objectives Planful Creative Welcoming Giant sticky note Planes, Trains, and Candymobiles game Board game templates Chance Gather campers together and remind them about the definition of games. Note that all games … Read more

Games Create Emotions

Lesson objectives Identify emotions while playing games To understand the importance of emotions in games and how they contribute to the overall experience To introduce strategies for managing strong emotions during gameplay Socioemotional learning objectives Cooperative Responsible Planful Welcoming Worksheet Gather campers, trying to split groups from the main lesson Cooperation debrief As cooperative gamers, … Read more

Games Have Mechanics

Lesson objectives Distinguish between types of mechanics Understand escape game puzzle mechanics Think about how mechanics facilitate fun and interest Engineering design learning objective Evaluate competing design solutions Socioemotional learning objectives Planful Responsible Cooperative Blank paper with the name of each mechanic at the top Movement (running, crawling, flying) Turn-taking Crafting Card drawing Time limit … Read more