Games are Serious Fun

Learning Objectives

  • Lesson objectives
    •  Identify different types of fun in games
    • Understand the goals of serious games
  • Socioemotional learning objectives
    • Cooperative
    • Planful
    • Responsible
    • Welcoming



  • Types of fun
    • Gather campers and review the definition of games
    • Note that we play games because they are fun, but there are different ways to have fun:
      • Easy fun: games that don’t require much skill but allow you to engage with others
      • Hard fun: games that require a great deal of skill and practice
      • Social fun: games mostly about your interactions with others
      • Serious fun: games that teach a lesson or help players think through difficult issues
    • Ask campers for examples of each type of game
    • As welcoming gamers, we're interested in why people play different types of games. What are some reasons people might want to play hard or serious games?
  • Serious games
    • Put campers in pairs and assign each a game to research for 5 minutes. As cooperative gamers, we are going to work together to be planful about our presentation. If our partner asks us to help in a certain way, we'll be responsible and do our part.
    • Ask each pair to make a brief (1 minute) presentation about their game: it’s goal, what makes it serious, and what they liked about it

Notes and Discussion


  • Ask campers to compare games in terms of how fun they are, and why.