Stop the Shapeshifter


The objective of the game is to find the location of the Shapeshifter's next heist.


  • Paper and pen
  • Outer box
  • Small inner box
  • 3-digit locks set to 534 and 161
  • Popsicle sticks with CIRCLE written in orange and secret key drawn on them
  • UV light
  • Escape room camp decoder
  • Paper clues
    • Morse code key
    • Yellow shapes clue
    • Rainbowtown map
    • Geo's place menu
    • Green-blue-orange math clue
    • Orange code
    • Red-orange shapes clue
    • Morse code clue

Setup and Gameplay


  1. Set the 3-digit locks
  2. Write CIRCLE in orange on the popsicle sticks and draw the secret key with the UV pen
  3. Glue the yellow clue on the outside of the box
  4. Put the morse code clue inside the inner box and lock it with the 161 lock
  5. Place everything inside the outer box and lock it with the 534 lock


  1. On their turn, players have two options: a) Spin the spinner to determine their mode of transportation for that turn. b) Choose their mode of transportation directly.
  2. Modes of Transportation:
    • Plane: If the player chooses a plane or lands on a plane symbol, they move their token forward by 5 spaces.
    • Train: If the player chooses a train or lands on a train symbol, they move their token forward by 3 spaces.
    • Candymobile: If the player chooses a candymobile or lands on a candymobile symbol, they move their token forward by 1 space.
  3. Moving on the Board:
    • Players may only move their tokens in a forward direction along the path to Candy Mountain.
    • Players must move the exact number of spaces indicated by the mode of transportation chosen.
    • If a player lands on a space occupied by another player, they must stop and wait for their next turn.
    • Players may not move through or over other player tokens.
  4. Winning the Game: The first player to reach Candy Mountain wins the game.